Saturday, October 31, 2009

Australian Idol Catalogue

This is a continuation of the 'Call your dad' poster that advertised the Australian Nobel prize Laureates exhibition. This diary is intended to be bought from the souvenir shop after the exhibition so visitors can have something to take home with them.

Each Australian Laureate had very little in common, aside from being Australian. I wanted a way of linking them all in the most relevant way possible. A diary disguised as a hard cover novel seemed most appropriate, it's something that all genuis' can associate with, a place to scribble their ideas.

The booklet was ring bound at Officeworks, an underestimated place for designers, as long as you're there to instruct the people doing your job, it's completely fine. Conveniently there are twelve Australian Nobel Prize Laureates, so I illustrated one for every month and added a piece of biographical information behind each one.

I think I've mentioned it before but I chose to study Australian Laureates simply becuase I had no idea about them. After reading up on them, theyr'e some of the most fascinating yet disliked people I've read about.

Every character was drawn in pastel, this was my first time using it too, I gained inspiration from Pixar concept art, especially artist Lou Romano who worked on Ratatouille, Wall E and UP (I'm sure there's more, check him out). Each winner has some amazing facial traits which makes them a pleasure to draw, but the three shown here are my close favourites.

Not every laureate is Australian born which makes you wander what actually constitutes being Australian. Although we have a funny way of claiming somebody successful as one of our own.


  1. brilliant as always sir. i really enjoyed these illustations

  2. thanks buddy :) I'm loving your work with Honeytrap at the moment.