Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stationary Design

This is a stationary project I did for a graphic design studio assignment. The brief was to create a logo, envelope, letterhead, business card, an additional piece of stationary and a folder to keep it all in. The client is the eccentric owner of the 'Museum of Modern Oddities' (momo) who exhibits colour. This gave me a prime excuse to use the laser cutter, much to the head of Art and Design's dislike (it's a noisy machine and students have to accompanied by staff to use it). I initially used a thick piece of box card for the folder but there was no chance it'd fold the amount of times I needed it to. So I ended up with some beautiful 300gsm card which masked the envelope underneath.

The Envolope doubles as a letterhead when it opens. The photo on the front is of the butcher on Lygon Street, there's some beautiful yellowy light that shines through the stained glass patterns, which worked great for me. Throughout the assignment, I adapted these four shapes that represented the 4 colours of the CMYK (Cyan, yellow, magenta and key, usually black) colour makeup. This is because they are the base colours for all printing, so they almost work as a blank canvas to adapted to any exhibition at this museum.

The business card was definitely a challenge, probably because I put more work into it than I needed to. Initially, I made a card that opened up to present a pop-up version of the logo, made completely from acetate. It ended up messy, unbalanced and broken. With this one, I carried the idea of colours overlapping one another to create different effects. moreover, the two elements, board and acetate, depend on one another to create the final product, neither one can work without the other. The front of this card features the client's face (my dad) in highlights (on the card) and shadows (on the acetate) which give a floating effect.

The additional piece of stationary is an invite to the opening to the exhibition. I kept it very minimal and simple. The folds close and create a triangle. On each face, the colours of the logo appear individually until the viewer fully reveals the whole piece. The type is minimal so the detail of the folds can be further appreciated.

This is one of my favorite projects from this semester, I had a lot of fun with it and the end result proved very rewarding.

By the way, I submitted the 'Call your dad' poster but it still needs improvements on the type, I'll post that up with more details when I get it done.

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