Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The Cat Piano

This is the latest short film by The People's Republic of Animation. Narrated by Nick Cave. Directed by Eddie White & Ari Gibson. Produced by Jessica Brentnall.

Its use of of delicious blues and charming animation make this my current favorite animated film. It's a pleasure to see Australian talent being internationally noticed and appreciated. Nick Cave's narration fits the short perfectly, he has this funky drone that a cat would if it could talk. Anyway, Watch it.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Smokin' prop design

My friend Nick, an insanely talented film maker, has written and is shooting a film based in the 1960's. Looking at the lighting test shots and the working script, reaffirms the blistering heights he will reach with his passion.

This is why I was honoured when he asked me to design a cigarette packet to feature in one of his scenes. He wanted something influenced by the Lucky Strike packets; simple, minimum colour scheme and bold. Here's the response:

This was also one of the funnest projects to research, one can very clearly tell the evolution of women's rights in cigarette ads, particularly this one.

mmm easily one of feminism's finest moments. Have a look at the rest of them here, they're all beautifully executed although the subject is fairly questionable nowadays.

Coming up next is my poster design for the film, we're currently working on it.