Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adelaide Fringe Poster Comp 2012

Hey guys,

Year number 3 of entering the Adelaide fringe comp! This year I did something a little different to my usual style. The Fringe guys were after something that responded to the theme 'The Tour of the Unexpected'. This gave me images of opening up your mind, letting your creativity run free etc. A huge thanks to all those who dropped in to my facebook page to give their two cents on this design. Process is shown below:

This is probably the most straightforward my process has been. First, I penciled it

Then I penned it.

Then I photoshopped it with some rad colour combos.

I liked all of them so I posted it up on the Mete Design facebook page and twitter and received some awesome reactions. So who's cuisine reigned supreme?! The people spoke and they received. The winner was turquoise!

I submitted the piece this afternoon. The winner will be announced on September 8, I'll keep you all posted. Once again, thanks heaps for getting involved.