Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Sketches

Whenever I see a finished, polished and flawless work of art, I'm always aware that an imperfect human made it. Somebody spent hours scrawling on the back of a metcard or napkin just to get that image. It is often the process that I find more interesting than the final product. So I've put together a selection of my sketches from 2009 onward. Most of these were means of passing time on my hour long train rides to work and uni. Each one has the potential to be a final product and most of these probably will be reworked.

In the meantime, enjoy my scrawls.

Between The Pages, Chapter 5

The evening finally arrived and it was most splendid.

  People came, saw, bought, drank and were merry.

My designs sat proudly among the merriment,

And many friends were there. This has been my most rewarding project this summer, a true pleasure working with everyone involved.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Taking it Balineasy

I've been dying to use that pun since I got back. Two weeks in Bali with the family gave us all time to tune out, relax and get in one another's faces. I joke, we got along fine :) As per usual, I carried the camera around with me to capture things I found interesting, These are a mere suggestion as to the amount of shots taken but they were the absolute highlights.

Seriously, if you're after a good and cheap holiday, get your mates together with two grand each and you have yourself a tropical getaway like no other. Let me know if you're in, we'll talk.

Love the irony here, petrol stored in Absolut Vodka bottles.

I don't want to say where this was taken, I like the mystery

Girl with her puppy on Jimbaran Bay, most expensive seafood, even more exquisite sunset.

My totes awesome sisters and I on the plane.

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Year, New Card.

At the dawn of 2010, I had a revelation. It occurred to me this year would be the final one of my design course. As a result, I've decided to begin marketing myself on a professional level and perhaps become one of the world's most sought out commodities.

I created half a dozen potential designs and narrowed them down to two contenders.

Card one

And card two

To assist in deciding which to choose, I looked to my facebook group, the aptly named 'Mete Design' and asked which one my members liked. A month later, the results are drawn. Seventeen votes both way. Initially I liked card two, it had a bit of snazz and wow factor but didn't really communicate with non designers. Assuming my future clients will not be designers, I settled on card one.

It's straightforward and gets the message across just was well as he alternate design. The only difference is that it bears the dimensions of a regular card but the image and typography combined give it something fresh and unique. It's also something that promotes me rather than my work, this is what I'd prefer when I meet someone.

Thank you to every one who voted, (I feel like I'm on Aus Idol) it's great to know that people are following what I do, you'll be seeing much more soon.

Uni starts on March 1. Bring it on!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Between The Pages, Chapter 4

Guess who's in this month's art guide...

There's my boy on page 69! Ad designed by yours truly :-)

Less than a week till the opening, rather pumped.