Sunday, February 7, 2010

Taking it Balineasy

I've been dying to use that pun since I got back. Two weeks in Bali with the family gave us all time to tune out, relax and get in one another's faces. I joke, we got along fine :) As per usual, I carried the camera around with me to capture things I found interesting, These are a mere suggestion as to the amount of shots taken but they were the absolute highlights.

Seriously, if you're after a good and cheap holiday, get your mates together with two grand each and you have yourself a tropical getaway like no other. Let me know if you're in, we'll talk.

Love the irony here, petrol stored in Absolut Vodka bottles.

I don't want to say where this was taken, I like the mystery

Girl with her puppy on Jimbaran Bay, most expensive seafood, even more exquisite sunset.

My totes awesome sisters and I on the plane.

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