Friday, February 5, 2010

New Year, New Card.

At the dawn of 2010, I had a revelation. It occurred to me this year would be the final one of my design course. As a result, I've decided to begin marketing myself on a professional level and perhaps become one of the world's most sought out commodities.

I created half a dozen potential designs and narrowed them down to two contenders.

Card one

And card two

To assist in deciding which to choose, I looked to my facebook group, the aptly named 'Mete Design' and asked which one my members liked. A month later, the results are drawn. Seventeen votes both way. Initially I liked card two, it had a bit of snazz and wow factor but didn't really communicate with non designers. Assuming my future clients will not be designers, I settled on card one.

It's straightforward and gets the message across just was well as he alternate design. The only difference is that it bears the dimensions of a regular card but the image and typography combined give it something fresh and unique. It's also something that promotes me rather than my work, this is what I'd prefer when I meet someone.

Thank you to every one who voted, (I feel like I'm on Aus Idol) it's great to know that people are following what I do, you'll be seeing much more soon.

Uni starts on March 1. Bring it on!

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