Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hey folks,

Happy new year! A lot has gone on since Melburbia; I've graduated with honours in Vis Com, been to Bali and back plus a few new and exciting jobs have been coming up. One of which I'd like to share with you today.

The Melbourne Comedy Festival's coming up and Asher Treleaven, one of the masterminds behind the lucrative Comic Strip, has a new show called Troubadour. Treleaven utilizes De Bono's six hats of thinking to answer the question 'is my life interesting enough to be an autobiography?'.

Asher was after a 60s vibe for the show's visual identity. We agreed the 'Catch Me If You Can' / 'Pink Panther' type of imagery would work well for the charmingly bizarre nature of his work. This gave me another excuse to peruse the work of some of my favourite 50s/60s inspired designers including Kuntzel+Deygas, Kevin Dart and Saul Bass (responsible for the design of many Hitchcock films).

After the self indulgence I call research, I presented Asher with two rough ideas:

The fist idea was a play on Saul Bass's work for 'The Human Factor'. The hanging phone had a sense of urgency to me, like user had heard something dramatically life changing and had to make a run for it. I liked the disorientation of it, slightly Pythonesque.

The second concept was inspired by an exhibition I saw in 2005, 'Andy Warhol Time Capsules'. The NGV displayed suitcases belonging to Warhol that contained small souvenirs of his life; Letters, records, shoes, films and so on. This was on the right track era and content-wise for the show so we went with it.

We made a few adjustments to colour and text but the concept ended up translating very well into print and screen.

The show is playing at the Town Hall from March 29 to April 22, Tuesdays to Sudays. Booking info is here.

I'll leave you with a word from the man himself.