Thursday, October 1, 2009

Call Your Dad

Here we have a uni/self set brief. For a uni assignment, we were required to create a double sided poster advertising an exhibition for an unsung Australian icon. I chose a father/son duo from Adelaide named Henry William and Henry Lawrence Bragg. I had no idea who these men were which created more interest. From research I discovered these two were the founders of x-ray crystalography. Basically this occurs when an x-ray beam shines through a crystal and light bounces in several directions to show the density of crystal molecules. Check out this animation from my number one resource, Wikipedia. Oh sweet reliability

What I found most interesting was the x-ray beam, when magnified, looks like a coil. By linking family members with coils, I thought of phone cords.

The self assigned component of this brief came from a poster competition called Positive Posters. The objective is the create a poster with a positive message about change, hence my phrase 'Call your Dad'.

We often underestimate how much a simple gesture can make a big difference. By calling your dad, if only to say hi, could change a mediocre day to something worth smiling about. Moreover, embracing that change makes you feel better about yourself. The Seb Lester inspired calligraphic line work illustrates the ease of connecting with someone in an instant and the amount of glowing joy it creates. So call someone you haven't spoken to in a while, it'll brighten both your days.

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