Saturday, April 17, 2010

Strange but true...

Hey guys, I have two new illustrations. Both of them are based on stories from The Age's odd spot. The first story read as follows:

A Hong Kong film company is in production for the world's first 3D pornographic film. Shooting for the Chinese film, '3D sex and Zen' is to begin shooting in August. Producers promise the most up close and intimate sex scene ever seen on screen.

I thought I could do something cute with this :P Here's the sketch,

The concept is based on the work of French artist, Arthur de Pins, I'm pretty sure I've referred to him on this blog before but I forget when. His web layout is awkward but the content is beautiful. Anyway, What I basically did was take this sketch into Adobe Illustrator and traced it.


I kept the colour palette limited to two colours, blue and red, the colour of 3D glasses. And the guy in the audience, it's me.

Sometimes it helps to see the actual gesture so it doesn't end up looking out of proportion.

And here's the second illustration,

The caption reads,

Miss Milly chicken is in mourning after its rooster mate was killed by a fox. In her grief, the chicken has taken to strutting around the farm like the rooster.

The aim here is pathos; including a kid, hopelessly trying to impersonate the departed loved one. And what better way to capture that tenderness than with pastel. And no I didn't put an inflated rubber glove on my head to see what it'd look like. Might be fun one day though.


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