Saturday, March 27, 2010

'What have you always wanted to say?' Poster campaign

'What have you always wanted to say but never had the chance to? Make a series of posters expressing what's on your mind' This was overriding question of my latest brief. It's always a big ask to narrow down what you've waited your whole life to say into a series of posters. I've been reading Bill Bryson's 'A short History of Nearly Everything' which is packed to the brim with numbers and figures about our universe. I found each figure staggering and often hard to believe. But these numbers measuring how big the world is, how much it weighs and how old it is absolutely fascinated me.

So there was my answer, a series of posters with these colossal numbers comparing with the minuteness of our personal issues.
And when placed into context, the posters increase in meaning. They're deliberately put in locations where people would be thinking of those issues.

Each poster has a 'Headspace' logo. They deal with depression and drug addiction. Each of these posters deal with some the causes to these issues but communicates them in a lighter way. Click to zoom in on each poster.


  1. They're great Mete, but I think you've got the big bang one the wrong way around. It kind of implies that you don't have time for breakfast at all and should be out doing things.

  2. Fair view, it does take more than 0.000000 la la 1 seconds to have breakfast so you have a point there. But you can compare a 5 minute breakfast to a 24 hour day, it's enough time to eat and go out and do things as well.

  3. I think I see it from both perspectives. Either "you should be out accomplishing amazing things, and look, you're wasting time on breakfast", or "don't complain about not having enough time to have breakfast, look at what can be done in a ridiculously small amount of time, breakfast takes 'no' time compared to this".

    I'm a breakfast person so I'd go with the latter.. Perhaps if you were having 'headspace' problems you'd go the pessimistic view.