Friday, July 3, 2009

Nobel Prize Layerrrrs

The Brief:

Create an A2 poster that illustrates the evolution of any aspect of history (music, politics etc.) between the year of your birth (1988) and a year randomly chosen for you (1903).

I originally chose music but it seemed too obvious. Then it was barber shops, I was so sure that this would be a great idea so I started with that. It was a short journey because it really didn't give enough scope. For the poster, I wanted something more abstract and psychedelic, something I'd want in my room.

So I chose something I knew very little about, the Nobel prize winners of physics in 1903 (Antoine Henri Becquerel) and 1988 (Jack Steinberger). Both were involved in the research of phosphorescence, which is basically how crystals create brilliant colours when light is shun upon them. The things you learn :)

I was looking at the line work of American cartoonist Charles Burns and Taiwanese artist Feric and thought I'd experiment with that. The idea of layering, I felt, was an efficient way of portraying time in a still image.

I created the work on nine pieces of tracing paper. On each layer, I drew stunningly complex physics equtions in which have more meaning than I'll ever know. I was originally going to scan each layer one by one but realised how beautifully tracing paper interacts and fades. Therefore, I scanned all nine pieces together.

Finishing touches involved layering a few colours to refer back to, what's that word we learnt again? Phosphorescence! yay.

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