Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hey guys, as part of one of my units at uni (DIS2105), we're required to upload things that inspire us on a weekly basis. I feel it's a great idea, so let's begin:

This is a photo I took on the train to Flinders St Station, the light shining onto the window made it look like two wheelchair people intertwined. They a symbol that could look like something from an other worldly alphabet.

This is the work of amazing illustrator, Kevin Dart. His line work is so jazzy and I love his use of shadow to create atmosphere, check out his website.

At the moment, I'm loving Iron and Wine's music. The cover of this album is beautiful, the use of colour is delicious, the pinks and yellows give the image so much warmth and bite. This is the work of Samuel Beam, also the lead singer of Iron and Wine.

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