Sunday, September 4, 2011

Office interior design

Until this brief, the largest size I've worked with is an A0 sheet of paper. Forethought Research - the brilliant marketing research company I work for - commissioned me to design a pattern to coat nearly every plain of glass in their brand new office.

In a nutshell, Forethought gathers data on how the human mind responds to particular companies around the world. The data is used to measure public attitudes toward these companies. With this information, we work as a team to provide the client with positive ways of improving their business in the market.

This made me think of the parallels between Forethought's study of the brain and us as a team of people with unique skills (including marketing, consulting and design). I researched the human brain and the brief information I read blew me away.

I approached Forethought with this image,

These are brain neurons. Everything we do, feel and think starts with these guys. This complex network has been described as a play with no script or director; though the cast is completely chaotic, everyone miraculously knows their part. I decided to base the pattern on this; I proposed the below:

I received the thumbs up and after two months of liaising with the interior designers, working with floor plans and several trips to the construction site, we came out with the below result which I was thrilled about.

I also suggested that we covered the wall in the communal area with chalkboard paint so coworkers could visually communicate their ideas to one another in an informal, relaxed environment. Like Russel Crowe in 'A Beautiful Mind'. Without the hallucinations. We went ahead with this idea also. To welcome everyone to the new office on behalf of our management, I created the below piece; very much inspired by Dana Tanamachi 

I'm really excited about the fresh start and would also like to sincerely thank Forethought for giving me a go with this project. I really appreciate it.




  1. :D great great artwork AND photos Mete! :D love the concept behind it! who took those photos???

  2. looks awesome mete - great work!!

  3. Thanks guys :) Jas, I took the photos. I got a new SLR but these were the only ones that didn't come out blurry :P

  4. ahhaha :D well, it did the job so that's ok! :p

  5. Brilliant! You got some fine, unique skills there. Continue your project, and of course, do share them to your readers.

  6. I really like the idea of having a large chalkboard in an office space. This is the best way to give employees the freedom of speech and expression, allowing them to share their ideas and feelings in an informal way. #Allan Olson

  7. I like the explanation behind the brain neuron pattern. It's fantastic that you were able to integrate the interior design of the office to what your company is really doing. The idea was very ingenious!

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