Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Melburbia Update

Hey everyone,

My graphic novel 'Melburbia' is on the verge of completion; There are 14 left to illustrate of its 88 pages. This week I've been gathering quotes for printing, binding and screen printing. Needless to say, this won't be a huge money making venture but it's going to be huge pleasure to see my work in other people's hands.

The entire book is blue tacked to my bedroom wall (storyboard style) as we speak, here are a few snapshots (taken by Jeyda) of some of the spreads.

Melburbia is about two unlikely friends who catch the Frankston line to Flinders St together. During that journey, they develop a common interest in the personal stories of the commuters around them as they pass through each suburb. Below is a character concept for Warwick; a Mentone school kid who is a miniature outcast of his footy-centric school.

Having no interest in compulsory sports, Warwick finds himself on the footy field but is encouraged to stay as far away from the game as possible.

That's as much as I should reveal for now. The book will be entirely finished next week and from there I'll go over it to tweak, edit then shoot it to some test readers. Very excited.

Melburbia will be launched at my Honours class exhibition at Dear Patti Gallery on Thursday, October 13th 6-8pm. Pen it in!



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  1. Looking good, Mete! As soon as I can locate my notebook I'll be writing the feature :S damn my all-over-the-place, hectically scattered lifestyle...
    But, as usual, very excited to see this coming along :)