Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Late Strawberry Shake

Well since uni's finished I haven't stopped, which is great. I've been doing some work with Jazz club 'Red Bennies' in South Yarra who put on some really amazing and unique shows. We just finished off a poster series for the New Year's Eve gig 'Dionysia' which I will post up soon.

Today, I wanted to show one of the smaller jobs I've done with them. It's great to see a club that breaks out from the norm and stands out to a niche crowd. Red Bennies has only been running for about 9-10 months to my knowledge and already they're beginning to make an impact on Melbourne's nightclub scene with burlesque, circus and vaudevillian performances (including Gorelesque).

This is a new burlesque show, 'The Late Strawberry Shake'. I was given artistic freedom on this which was fantastic, just the mention of a strawberry milkshake was plenty for me. Here's the sketch:

And the final product. The cute pinup style really worked for the venue. And I'm really happy with it also. Go check it out, it's this Friday.




  1. I've actually just gone to make myself a strawberry milkshake

  2. Now that you mention it, I think I might grab myself one.