Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Dionysia marks the first project where I've seen my art out on the streets and that, to me, is awesome. 'Dionysia' is Red Bennies' New Year's Event, and from what I know, it's going to be enchanting. I was told that guests will spend their midnight fuelled with alcohol and pagan temptation in the garden of good and evil.

Red Bennies asked for four characters to be drawn in a style described as 'Batman meets art nouveau'. A genuine stretch for me but retrospectively, a definite direction I see myself pursuing.

I was given four names and brief descriptions,

The Electric Fawn
Hot goat chick-Dark and Nasty

The Venus Fly Trap
Sexy Plant Chick

Big Daddy Long Legs
Top hat, Monocle
Tubby dude with toga and wine flask

After a few weeks of sketches, back and forth e-mails, we came up with the above four we were happy with. As usual, I like to keep colour schemes closely tied, especially in series so everything works as a single piece. The idea was for people around the city to see these individuals paired up and then in magazines or particular places find them all together like this,

I've been seeing variations popping up around the city and I'm honestly really chuffed about them. The event is going to be something that Melbourne hasn't seen before and it's great to be a part of it.

I spotted this one today on Elizabeth St, really love how the rain made it crinkly, it works with the old sideshow style posters. It was interesting handing the issue of printing over to the client - as I've always handled it myself, but this project has really been a collaborative effort, something I'm new to, and excited about.

And this one was taken on Vesper White's (Dionysia Director) iPhone, she has mad skills.

Poster on Chapel St, Courtesy of  rad friend Alex Meadowcroft,

I found this one on Degraves St,

Check it out, Dionysia hits this week's 'Beat Magazine'

If anybody sees more of these around, comment and/or send me a pic at and I'll put it up. I really want to document this well.

By the way this is my 50th post! A huge thank you to everyone who has visited and enjoyed thus far.

To the next 50!

Lots of love,



  1. Congratulations man! Great stuff

  2. Well done! Your style really works with the Red Bennies events. Look forward to see them about the city.

  3. Thanks lads, looking forward to seeing more myself. Let me know if you find anything!

  4. Hello, i have seen your posters around melbourne and i am really inlove with the characters. wish i could have snatched a poster :D
    keep up the great work!

  5. Gorgeous!! Superb style and personality. Love it.