Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gorelesque 2 Encore!

The audience couldn't get enough an rightfully so, Gorelesque 2 was a gruesome triumph. So it gives me great pleasure to present to you, the Gorelesque 2 Encore poster. What's the secret to a good Gorelesque poster? To put it simply, a good butt.

Reason being, body language is essential to a great illustration let alone  a brilliant performance and I really wanted to get that across in this one. I took a look at an illustration series by Josh Cooley and Bill Presing who are super talented storyboard artists at Pixar Animation Studios, and their butts had it going on to say the least, have a look at this one:

Round, expressive, perky; Perfect for a Gorelesque Poster. this is my final sketch.

Because of the huge load of positive feedback about the Goreleque girl, we decided to keep her. Plus how could you turn you back on a face as pretty as hers? Here is the final render, juicier, bloodier and sweeter than before.

It was important for me to keep the posters consistent with one another so I kept the layout similar, they work better as a series that way. This is what you should be seeing around South Yarra soon.

Keep Your eyes peeled.




  1. How wonderful! I was meaning to get to the first one but unfortunately missed out on a ticket. Hopefully I will make it this time round. I love this character and design, too. The first poster is a favourite and this one is brilliant. Your palette is great and punchy and the typography is really nice too. Well done!

  2. The 10 of diamonds has never looked so good Mete. Can't wait till Nov 19th to see your work

  3. one word... Stunning