Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Cyprus Issue

This is possibly the most  in-depth project I've done. The Cyprus Issue publication exhibits the Cyprus problem and peoples' opinions about it. I sourced most of the material from news website The Cyprus Mail. Its forums are battlegrounds of opinion, many of which my dad (Turkish Cypriot born) partakes in. By addressing the issue's range of varied opinions, I look to bring this argument to the world stage. Naturally, the majority of the Turk and Greek siders are biased toward themselves, If I could get everyone to read this, perhaps there would be a stronger understanding rather than blind hatred.

I used photos from my own trip to Cyprus in 2008 and applied a halftone effect to simulate a news publication look. A lot of my inspiration for this came from David Pidgeon/Pip&Co's ADGA Publication 'How to find a job' (below)


This is the Cyprus Issue,

The content is incredibly interesting and compelling. If you would like a copy, shoot me an email at




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