Friday, September 7, 2012

Queen's Slipper Vegas Campaign

One thing I love about my job is that I can do it absolutely anywhere with a power outlet and a wifi connection. This is probably my largest and most fun client project so far. I started the sketch stage in Melbourne and continued the project in on Pacific Beach in San Diego and finished it, appropriately in my hotel room in Las Vegas. Today, I write to you while sitting in a French style courtyard in old town Montreal

I was commissioned to create four Vegas stereotypes with a boy and girl counterpart. They were 'There Hopeless Romantic', 'The Secret Weapon', 'The Bad Influence' and 'The Loose Cannon'. The characters were used in the 'Queen's Slipper' Take Me To Vegas campaign. The objective was to invite participants to tag four of their friends as a Vegas stereotype. The winner and their three friends would win the trip over there.

The characters are mostly inspired by my own friends. I think this way is more realistic and makes the characters more relevant to those who interact with them. It also made me think of your expectations of Vegas...

Versus the reality...

I love how the posters are so similar. The top one is a direct stride whereas the other is more of a drunken stumble.

So, below we have the eight character sketches, the first ones are the Hopeless Romantics. These two are the most likely to get hitched in a Vegas Chapel with an Elvis Presley Celebrant. Both believe in true love at first sight and are the most naive of the bunch

Then we have the loose cannons. These guys are teh heavy drinkers, late night party animals, and most likely to wake up the next morning in a jacuzzi next to Kim Kardashian. The feedback for this one was to loose the double ended dildo in the guy's hand and make the girl's boobs a little less obvious. I was asked for larger than life characters :P

The Secret Weapons are your tech experts, fitted with microphones, computer programs that record the roulette odds and are the most charismatic of the bunch. The male character completely changed in the last stage, he's a little more in control now. And we scrapped the girl's cigarette.

The Bad Influence is the friend who will cheat, grab, lie and steal their way to fortune but in the cleverest ways possible. If you need money, drugs, condos, this is your go to buddy. They'll make anything sound like a great idea. In terms of character design, these two were pretty spot on so we stuck with them.

After approval, I went ahead and rendered these guys and I'm pretty pleased with the results.

And below you can see the application on the Queen's Slipper Facebook Page. If you'd like a free trip to Vegas, I'd say this is your opportunity. So get tagging

Huge thanks to OgilvyOne and Queen's Slipper Playing Cards for having me on board with this one. We should have a poker night when I get back guys :) In the meantime, happy tagging.



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