Monday, July 9, 2012

Wexford EP Launch

I write to you tonight on the living room couch I will call my bed for the next couple weeks. I've moved out of my rental but my beautiful housemates have made me welcome to stay over any time. I turned the ripe age of twenty four yesterday and the scar on my back from minor surgery is a humble reminder that I'm doing absolutely fine. Only fourteen days remain until my 11am flight departs from Melbourne's Tullamarine airport bound for the USA. I'll spend three months traveling along the East and West coastlines before I spend an additional two months in planet Japan. Needless to say, life's been an incredible ride lately and it seems that the insanity is just beginning.

Part of my USA trip will be spent at the anticipated Outside Lands music, beer, wine art and food festival. Somehow, someone out there decided to combine my favourite things into a tightly packaged three day celebration. Thank you kindly sir(s)/madams(s). Music has always been a massive inspiration for me, so whenever a musician approaches me for a collaborative venture, I'm in.

The lucrative Tom Carty has started a new pop act called 'Wexford'. He combines the smooth tones of Jason Mraz with sweet melodies of Bruno Mars. I created his logo and EP launch poster. Below, we have the logo options. His music has a naive approach to love and having a crush but the sound is still quite polished and refined. As a result, I wanted a nicely structured piece of hand generated type. The options are below:

After about week of discussion and back and forth. We came up with a hybrid of option one and three. I'm pretty keen on it.

Then, we started work on the poster, I gave him two initial ideas, shown below:

The loose colour pencil sketches were inspired by James Jean's moleskine sketch series; it's truly sublime, definitely take a look. Tom and his manager couldn't agree on which was more appropriate so I was asked to make a third option. I was was more than happy to do it, the colouring pencils were sitting on my desk ready to go. I came up with the third option below,

We all agreed on this one. It's free spirited, cute and fun. All I needed to do was beef up the typography...


...and we were all set. Check out the Wexford facebook page for gig details and maybe a signed photo of Tom if you're really nice.

On another note, this blog will be transforming into a hybrid travel/design blog for the next five months. I've seen design blogs and I've seen travel blogs. I figured I should just blow everyone's minds and do both in one.



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