Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ayla's 21st

Hi guys, just a short one today.

My little sister Ayla's been bugging me for a couple weeks to do her 21st birthday party invitation. The theme is a 1960s cocktail party so she was super keen for a Mad Men vibe. I drew this one up and she got really excited about it.

Again, I've drawn inspiration from one of my favorite illustrators Arthur De Pins. His style captures a little bit of Ayla's flare and panache so we felt it was appropriate. She was really grateful through the process, she brought me Earl Grey tea and Ferrero Rocher chocolate at regular intervals of the process. We finished it in a few hours.

We'll print these on double sided A5s with the event info on the back. They'll make lovely keepsakes after what promises to be a truly splendid party.

If you would like an invitation, now would probably be a good time to suck up to Ayla.

See some of you there :)


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