Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Comic Strip

My first big job for the year has involved working with brilliant comedian Asher Treleaven and delightful burlesque performer Gypsy Wood. Together they created their brainchild 'Comic Strip', an Adelaide Fringe show of raucous stand up comedy and glamorous burlesque. Naturally, I was honoured to be involved.

Both had solid ideas of what the posters should look like but were very open minded to my input which was great. Gypsy was kind enough to lend me her book titled 'Tivoli', the story of Melbourne's golden age of comedy and burlesque entertainment. The Tivoli theatre was Melbourne's prime entertainment hotspot through the 1910's and reigned supreme until the introduction of television and cinema. However, it left behind a rich archive of amazing posters and advertising, very similar to what's pictured below. (The book was too nice to sandwich into a scanner)

I loved everything from the cheesy taglines to the hand generated type and collage photos. Luckily was given a brilliant photo of Gypsy to work with. Within a week, I responded to the brief with the three options below (the comedians featured were placeholders):

We all agreed on the first one, there's no relationship quite like pink and blue. From there is was quite straightforward, we just worked on adding the additional event info and adjusting the imagery to balance nicely. Below is the final result, we're currently going through print production now.

Also, this is the new rendition for Comic Strip's Edinburgh premiere! Well done guys.

Take a shot if you see it around.

Happy New year!


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