Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

This month, Monash uni student mag 'esperanto' published another triumphant issue, back to the 90's. When asking how I could be involved, Josh (Art Director) gave me three options. I could do an illustration for the Spice Girls, Captain Planet or Vanilla Ice. For me, Mr. Van Winkle was the obvious choice. Better still, the article itself canned him like crazy. Although I felt a little sympathy for the guy, I felt it was my duty to compliment the insult. Here is the initial sketch I sent in before we went on.

It worked so we went with it. Josh encouraged the use of Red, black and white as those three colours ran consistent through the issue. I respect his thoroughness. So this is the spread.

If you're on campus, be sure to pick one up. Not just for the Van Winkle article but also 'Afternoon Delight', it walks us through some of the most kick ass cartoons of the 90's and another one on how the guys from Oasis are dicks. Good read.

Thanks to 'esperanto' for allowing me to get involved, these guys are always after contributors so be sure to give them a holler.

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