Sunday, August 16, 2009

Furry Curiousity

Generally, my attempts at 3D model construction end in abysmal failure, fortunately this was an exception. The assignment given was to create a 3D space to advertise, or appear at the entrance of, an exhibition of your choice. The selection was wide as some of us exhibited insects whereas others displayed secrets. Mine was an exhibition of Happiness.

The idea was inspired by Stefan Sagmeister's theory that "Design = Happiness". In a way this is true, one the happiest moments of my life occured when I was in Brussels with my gorgeous girlfriend Brooke. We were cuddling in the Grand Place, holding our unforgettable hot chocolates and watching the most magical lights show we'd ever seen. You can click on the link but it's no substitute for being there.

But the combination of lights, sound and classical architecture, created one of the happiest experiences of my life, hence came the idea for the scattered, colourful, fuzzy plants. One the the things that make me happiest is my home city of Melbourne, the city of a thousand cities. The best thing about it is finding a surprise each time you go, a new street, bookshop, anything. So to play on this, I superimposed my fuzzy creatures around Melbourne to appear as 'happy accidents'.

This combines my idea of happiness with music, something I could've got around to if I had more time.

The use of colour against a grey space creates the sudden splash effect when you walk past.

The brief requested that this space is a traveling exhibition so it had to be adaptable to any space possible, hence why each furry plant is separately placed on its own island of fake grass.

I want to cuddle one of these things.

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