Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Self portrait

Hey everyone, how you all going? I'm feeling a bit ill (not swine flu) today so I took the day off work to recover and thought I'd use my spare time to do some blogging.

This is a self portrait I did in a subject called conceptual illustration in semester one this year. The whole idea was to capture how you see yourself, whether it were a conventional, painted portrait, a sketch or a metaphoric object.

My response was a mixture of collage, Indian ink and watercolour. Here I portray myself as a naive boy crossing a chaotic highway, enchanted by a mythical looking tree. Deep. The idea was that I see myself as somebody who has such an intense amount of focus which is great but also very dangerous.

It's fantastic because I often produce work I'm really happy with and find beautiful if I focus hard enough on it. It is also a bad thing as I often neglect things like friends and family when spending too much time working. There's a bit of immaturity in that, hence the boy. What do you think?

In other news, I received a letter from Vic roads telling me I need to renew my license. However, I am receiving an $11 discount as I have not lost any demerit points, BOOYAH.

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  1. high fives for license discounts :D

    and gorgeous picture love