Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Ray Hille Story 2

For anybody who wanted to see the final product of the Ray Hille illustration, here tis. I didn't manage to have a photo with him, but the piece went down a treat :) He loved it so much he included me in his acceptance speech, gave me a small tingle of happiness, just watching that big fella grin.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Between the Pages, Chapter 3

We have foil stamps!!!

Ryan picked the books up a couple days ago and gave me this one, it's beautiful. What I also love is we decided not to seal the books shut so in my case, I have a funky invite and I can read 'The Backward Shadow' by Lynne Reid Banks whenever I so desire.

Also, Ryan added the finishing touch of signing and numbering each book/ This is number 13 of 22. Very cool.

The DL flyers also look amazing, I think the internet needs feel-o-vision so you can feel how smooth the paper stock is. It's a matte finish (after many screaming matches with printers on Ryan's behalf) and it's definitely worth it.

One chapter to go, opening night in February.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Between The Pages, Chapter 2

Today, we got a lot more done than we hoped. The DLs are done but they need a reprint. WE asked for Matte finish but they gave us gloss, now we're sitting with 1000 invites that we don't really need :P

We found the books for the special edition invites at Savers, we're going to foil stamp the event info on them, there's only going to be 22 of them for special guests.

We took them to APEX foil stamping, the staff were great, they told us we should have the final product by Friday. Extremely excited.